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Best Countertop Water Filter Systems in UK 2024

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated February 07, 2024
How long ago was the last time you changed the water filter in your fridge? You may need help remembering to drink better water. What are the filters inside the door or pitcher? They are helpful but take up a lot of space in the fridge. Also, the refills only last two to six months, and forgetting to change them is simple.
There is good news, though! Do you understand what a countertop water filter is? These clever devices ensure that your water is safe, tastes wonderful, looks clear, and smells fresh while taking up no space in your fridge. Problems with "out of sight, out of mind" will be solved—sweet, pure water from your countertop.

Countertop Filters: How Do They Operate?

Some of our recommended countertop water filters use carbon filtering to clean tap water. The black granular activated carbon (GAC) lining these filters acts as a magnet, attracting solid and gaseous contaminants from the air and water. Activated carbon-block technology removes unusual tastes, odors, sediments, chlorine, and, on rare occasions, lead, solvents, and pesticides. However, it is vital to realize that carbon-block filters are poor at removing microorganisms.
dirty water & filtered water
Consider using a countertop reverse osmosis water filter if you’re worried about bacteria. A multistage reverse osmosis water filter, on the other hand, may remove a variety of contaminants, including dangerous metals and volatile organic compounds.

Waterdrop Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter A1

The Waterdrop A1 Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser could be the best choice if you’re looking for a reliable water filtration system. This is a countertop reverse osmosis water filter. This is the ideal answer for your health-related water demands.
waterdrop a1 reverse osmosis system
This hot and cold water dispenser is great for families who want easy access to water at various degrees. It has been certified to NSF 372 for lead-free materials and passed SGS testing. Investing in a water filter can be an excellent choice.

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Today, reverse osmosis is one way to clean water. The key is the special membrane that filters out impurities and lowers the number of contaminants in the water. This makes the taste and smell better. This technology—used in home water treatment systems and large-scale desalination plants—could start a new era of sustainability by making clean water more accessible to many people.

Aquasana Clean Water Machine

The Aquasana Clean Water Machine is an excellent tabletop water filter. Its single-button design is easier to use, takes up less counter room, and works faster. The pitcher that can be taken off is modern and sleek and doesn’t take up much space on the table.
aquasana clean water machine
In terms of filtration, this method makes clear water and has no smell. One of the good things about the Aquasana is how easy it is to keep up. Some water filters need different cartridges that must be changed at other times. That is harder to remember and costs more to keep up. It only needs one special filter, each lasting 300 gallons or about six months.

Brita Countertop Water Filter

This unit has no fancy digital screens but costs less than half the other systems. Also, brand-new carbon filters are cheaper than those for other systems, even though they don’t last as long—a filter can only hold 120 gallons at most.
Brita countertop water filter
The vertical design is great if you have a limited amount of counter room, and some customers have said how simple and quick it was to put together in their reviews. Although it absorbs about the same amount of water, it takes up more room than other water filters.

The AquaTru Classic Filter System

Thanks to AquaTru’s patented ultra-RO technology, this filter system gets rid of most water toxins, like chlorine, lead, fluoride, and nitrates.
aquatru classic water filter
With this method, you will be fine with changing the filters often. There are three screens in the AquaTru water filter, and each one can filter between 600 and 1200 gallons of water.
By notifying you when it’s time to change filters, the AquaTru filter ensures you never use an old or expired filter. As a bonus, this device has a tap water tank that collects water straight from the faucet.

Ten Cup Five Stage ZeroWater Filter

This filter works better than others because it can eliminate many pollutants, including PFOA and PFOS. It has a total dissolved solids (TDS) meter that shows how clean the water is and lets users know when for users to change the filter.
zerowater filter
However, the taste is light, neutral, and smooth because of how well it filters. Also, because of how much the filters cost, the pitcher costs more each year than others. If you’re looking for a pitcher with the best-tasting water that works for everyone, you might find something better than this.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Water Filter

Sort and Volume

Inspect the frequency of filter replacement. If you dislike changing your filter or just forget, you should opt for a long-lasting one. Remember to replace the filters you buy for the shower, water pitcher, and sink individually to ensure the water you use or drink is of the best quality.


The two main types of water filters are carbon and reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis water filters can also work as carbon filters. Reverse osmosis filters, which use more than one type of filter, eliminate more contaminants in water than carbon filters alone.

Frequency of Filter Replacement

Inspect the frequency of filter replacement. If you dislike changing your filter or just forget, you should opt for a long-lasting one. Remember to replace the filters you buy for the shower, water pitcher, and sink individually to ensure the water you use or drink is of the best quality.


Carefully consider the price of filter replacements along with the starting cost of the water filter device. Saving money on the cost and regularity of filter refills over time may make up for the higher price of a water filter at first. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, so don’t forget to add the cost of replacements yearly based on the suggested plan.