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Waterdrop Brand Day Sale

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated June 24, 2022
Waterdrop will hold its Brand Day Sales from the 11th to the 18th of July.

What Is the Waterdrop Brand Day All About?

The Waterdrop Brand Day Sale is an annual event that lasts for several days. It starts with a warm-up, from the 1st to the 10th of July. This is followed by the main event, between the 11th and 18th of July.
The sales carnival is open to everyone.
1. You can join by following the link included in the promotional email you receive or clock on the sales banner on the website. If you are not sure of the schedule, you can watch out for our official email notification. What’s more? The banner on official banner is designed to count down to the date of the flash sale.
2. Or just archive this Brand Day Guide and click here. (Some of the links are invalid till July 1st.)
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Why Take Advantage of the Waterdrop Brand Day?

The Waterdrop Brand Day is the perfect time to buy your favorite products. It is our largest sale of the year and offers similar discounts as the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. If you miss our Waterdrop Anniversary, which happens only once a year, you won’t get another chance till Black Friday, 2022.

How Do You Win on Waterdrop Brand Day?

July 1st to July 10th

Waterdrop Brand Day
The actual sales event is preceded by a Giveaway Event, which holds between July 1st and 10th. Every participant in this event stands a chance to win a free G3P800.
But, that’s not all – you also get a considerable discount on our products, similar to what you get during our Black Friday sales! To celebrity the Independence Day, from July4th the discount will be rised to 20% off.
Water Filter Brand Day Sale Date
WD-G2MNR-W UP TO 15% July 1st- July 10th
WD-TK UP TO 20% July 4th - July 10th
WD-N1-W UP TO 20% July 4th - July 10th
WD-D4-W UP TO 30% July 10th

July 11th to July 18th

Waterdrop Brand Day
There are free water filter replacement units up for grabs when you share your story with Waterdrop on social media. This is also the period where we hold our Money Off Event, with discounts that rival the Black Friday discounts.
Waterdrop Brand Day
For instance, you can get the Waterdrop G3P800 or G3 under sink reverse osmosis system alongside its water filter replacement unit, or remineralization filter unit. It is the most reasonable choice. This offer comes in different bundles as listed in the chart below:
Water Filter Brand Day Sale Bundle
G3P800 $300 OFF $1000 WD-G3P800-W-CFB
$160 OFF $600 WD-G3-W-CFB
Check the Products from the above chart to learn more about Waterdrop Brand Day.

About Waterdrop

Since its launch in 2015, Waterdrop has pursued its goal of providing reliable water purification solutions to everyone. Seven years of efforts and results have made the brand one of the most reputable water filter brands trusted by Americans.


Waterdrop is committed to making safe and pure water accessible to everyone. We believe access to clean water is crucial to optimal health. Therefore, we strive to become a top manufacturer of water filtration products that help our customers.
Waterdrop products are affordable and long-lasting solutions to pure water needs, including reverse osmosis systems, under sink filters, outdoor filters, and countertop filters, and water filter replacement. We are the go-to water purification brand for over 10 million families worldwide. Waterdrop ranking as a top seller of purification products on Amazon is another indication of our consistency and dedication to meeting the needs of millions of Americans.
Check out the full Waterdrop brand story here.

Aquatech Amsterdam Exhibition

The water purification industry holds a few highly-rated events every year, and the Aquatech Amsterdam Exhibition is one of them. The event is a gathering of top-rated water purification brands, where the best water purification technologies and systems are exhibited.
Waterdrop is not left out. We were on the ground to showcase our safe, reliable, and efficient filtration systems, which result from immense research and technological investments and efforts. With these products, we have demonstrated our commitment to creating best-in-class solutions for our user’s needs.
You can read more about our inputs at the Aquatech Amsterdam Exhibition here.

WQA Convention and Exposition

Waterdrop was at the 2022 Water Quality Association Convention and Exposition, held at the Orange Country Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, earlier this year. The event afforded us the opportunity to exhibit our innovative technology at booth 327 between April 7th and 8th.
In line with our great reputation as a leading water purification company in the industry, Waterdrop exhibited a wide range of innovative technologies. As a result, we effectively demonstrated our mastery of advanced water purification solutions and products, including water filter straws, under sink reverse osmosis, countertop water dispensers, and multi-stage commercial systems.

Waterdrop and The Water Project

The vision of the Water Project, as a charity organization, is to ensure that sub-Saharan African communities can access sustainable water solutions that solve the problem of shortage of clean water resources and poor hygiene standards.
The organization has passionately pursued this goal by providing thousands of African households with lasting sources of healthy and pure drinking water. This collaboration will see to sponsoring many water projects in and beyond Western Kenya to meet the area’s drinking water needs and create better hygienic conditions.
In the past few years, Waterdrop has worked with TWP to launch Water4Smile, a program designed to provide new toilets and handwashing stations across schools in sub-Saharan Africa. The program targets poor children who need better water use conditions while ensuring improved water facilities are now available and accessible in the area. The program has been successful, reaching over 5,500 students since its inception. Check here to learn more https://www.waterdropfilter.com/blogs/buyers-guides/waterdrop-social-welfare-on-clean-drinking-water


This post has provided all you need to join in and maximize the coming Waterdrop Brand Day Shopping. Filters are one of the most effective ways of keeping your household in good shape, health-wise.
It would be best if you acted promptly, considering these deals will not be available for long. So, watch out and plan for these fantastic offers. Follow this link to know more about the Waterdrop Brand Day.