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Is Vitamin Water Healthy for You?

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated February 27, 2024
The healthiest beverage for hydration and overall well-being is water, as is widely known. The market for healthy drinks has seen a rise in vitamin-infused beverages in recent years. Vitamin-infused water is vitamin-enriched water. This kind of water’s nutrient mixtures give it a variety of flavors. Another way to market it is as multivitamin-infused flavored water.
Nowadays, a lot of people think that consuming vitamin water will benefit them further. Furthermore, there are those who think that vitamin-infused water can take the place of certain food groups and supplements. But are these assertions true? Is water with vitamins healthy? Continue reading to find out the answer.

Vitamin Water: What Is It?

It’s just a marketing ploy, even though the majority of the ads portray vitamin water as a vitamin- and antioxidants -rich refreshing beverage.
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Vitamin water is a beverage that has soluble vitamins added to water. Sadly, a lot of manufacturers use artificial and natural sweeteners along with sugar-sweetened vitamin water flavors. The fact that so many customers are aware of the importance of vitamins in a diet has contributed to the drink’s continued sales boom. Furthermore, they believe the drink’s advantages exceed its added calorie content.

Vitamin Water Offers A Pleasing Taste

Vitamin water is available in a variety of delectable flavors that will appeal to most individuals. Consequently, if you have a propensity for sweet beverages to overpower plain water, vitamin water could be an excellent alternative.
Furthermore, if you genuinely enjoy the flavor of vitamin water, you can take advantage of it. For example, after working out, you can indulge in your favorite flavor, which could serve as a reward and motivation for your dedication to the exercise regimen. As such, vitamin water contributes to the positive reinforcement of the habit.
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When Is It Beneficial to Choose Vitamin Water?

Reverse osmosis (RO) water is the primary component of vitamin water. The process of Reverse Osmosis is a kind of filtration that removes trace minerals, which are essential for the growth of cells, in addition to pollutants. In addition, the procedure eliminates bacteria, salt, pesticides, lead, and prescription medications from the water. Moreover, it gets rid of cyanide, fluoride, arsenic, and pesticides.
Prior to now, the WHO (World Health Organization) expressed uneasiness regarding the RO process’s ability to remove contaminants other than water. Additionally, it eliminates vital elements like iron, manganese, magnesium, and calcium. However, since most of these minerals and vitamins are already present in our diet or supplements, drinking this kind of water might not be an issue. The only time it becomes an issue is if you drink demineralized water too much.
Regrettably, the mineral and vitamin content of fruits and vegetables has decreased over time due to poor farming practices. So, depleting the water of minerals can exacerbate the problem, as fruits and vegetables do not supply enough nutrients. Another thing to think about is that cooking whole foods in reverse osmosis water could deplete them of their vitamin and mineral content.
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Is Vitamin Water Really as Effective as Advertised?

The resemblance of vitamin water to sugar water in flavor is a common issue. This drink is comparable to any soft drink in that a bottle may have up to 30 grams of sugar. Vitamin water isn’t an energy enhancer, even though it is a reliable source of electrolytes. This beverage doesn’t even have enough potassium and sodium to give you a boost in energy.
Additionally, the vitamin content of these drinks is negligible. The typical person’s diet already contains the vitamins this drink contains. Since many people obtain enough vitamins from their diet, it is possible that they don’t require any extras. Unfortunately, since excess vitamins don’t do anything for your health, they just pass out as urine. Vitamin water might not be a problem in microdoses. On the other hand, binge drinking can be detrimental to your health.
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Water Continues to Be the Top Choice

Among the most effective ways to improve one’s overall health is by consuming water. The body gains from consuming appropriate amounts of water daily in many ways, such as better oxygen delivery, a more attractive complexion, and an enhanced digestive system. Drinking water also improves brain, spinal cord, and soft tissue cushioning, increases nutrient accessibility, and increases exercise endurance.


For the sake of your health, alkaline water is preferable to vitamin water. Being informed of the nutritional qualities of the food one is ingesting is preferable when endeavoring to maintain a healthy diet. Make sure you understand the benefits of a product or diet before committing to it, and make sure you’re not just following the crowd. It is always best to do your homework and consult with the appropriate experts before making a purchase.