Waterdrop A1 RO Hot Cold Water Dispenser User Manual
  • Stay hydrated and happy with our A1 RO Hot Cold Water Dispenser user guide, featuring easy installation and expert tips for optimal usage.
  • Installation Guide
    Installation Guide
    Water Dispensing
    Routine Flushing
    Night Mode
    Off-home Mode
    Boiling Point Correction
    Time Setting
    Replace and Reset Filter
    Troubleshooting Video
    Watch our troubleshooting video guide, which addresses common issues to ensure optimal performance.
    E-07 Code
    Change Water
    Water Tank Not Installed
    Water Filtering Indicator
    Water Shortage

    Why choose a hot and cold water dispenser with a filtration system?

    This Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Cooler Dispenser with the RO filtration system provides instant hot or cold water that is thoroughly filtered. It is a perfect choice for families with various drinking water demands.

    How does the filtration system of this dispenser work?

    There is a 6-stage filtration system inside the dispenser, comprising an RO membrane and a UV sterilizer light. The system can effectively reduce over 1,000 impurities, including PFAS, fluoride, lead, chromium, arsenic, iron, radium, calcium, nitrate, chloride, and large particles. NOTE: This data is from a third-party lab.

    Can I adjust the filtered water temperature to my preference?

    Yes, you can. This dispenser comes with a dedicated temperature key and six preset temperature options. You can choose between a temperature range of 41℉-203℉. There are also five standard cup volume options—the dispensing stops once the set volume is attained.

    Is this dispenser easy to maintain?

    Yes, this dispenser adopts a plug-and-play design and requires no installation. Regarding maintenance, the WD-A1-CF filter can last six months, while the WD-A1-RO filter can last 12 months. Filter replacement in each case is simple. NOTE: The actual service life may vary based on water consumption and local water quality.

    Is this dispenser equipped with a child lock?

    Yes, this dispenser features a child lock that effectively prevents accidental operation by children and potential safety hazards like scalding during use.  

    How does the ambient light work?

    This hot and cold water dispenser has a three-color ambient light setup that indicates different water temperatures, denoting the operational temperature always, even at night.
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