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Waterdrop Attended the 2023 Water Quality Association Convention and Exposition

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated September 27, 2023
Waterdrop was one of the brands invited to this year’s edition of the Water Quality Association Convention and Exposition, held at the Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada, between April 19 and 20.
The WQA Convention and Exposition is one of the biggest events in the water treatment industry, and the 2023 edition had over 2,500 attendees and 180 exhibitors in attendance.

Waterdrop Exhibited At The WQA Convention And Exposition 2023

As one of the biggest names in the water purification industry, Waterdrop is known for its wide range of products, both new and established models. The brand exhibited all these products at the convention, treating attendees to its countertop water dispensers, under sink water filters, water filter straws, and water filter pitchers.
The event provided an excellent avenue for attendees to experience the best of Waterdrop innovations and technologies. Also on display were the brand’s advanced solutions that have transformed the trajectory of the water industry. In addition, Waterdrop seized the opportunity to collect valuable information and feedback from the attendees, which will be incorporated into the production process to improve future products.
waterdrop displays key products at wqa 2023

Waterdrop Over The Years

Waterdrop was founded in 2015 as a brand dedicated to creating and distributing innovative and reliable water purification solutions across the globe. Over the years, the brand has produced world-class products and made them accessible to everyone who needs them. As a result, Waterdrop has built a sterling reputation as one of the most trusted names in the water industry globally.
The brand released its first-ever reverse osmosis system in 2019—the Waterdrop G3. This marked the turning point for reverse osmosis systems. It is a revolutionary product that clearly offers more value and convenience than the traditional RO systems. In addition, the G3 sported a space-saving design and can slot easily under the sink, helping save more space. The innovative design and aesthetic value of the Waterdrop G3 won it the 2019 Red Dot Design Award.
Despite the successful outing of the Waterdrop G3, the brand intensified efforts in researching, designing, and producing high-quality water filtration equipment and technologies. Fast forward to a few years later, Waterdrop launched the G3P800 and G3P600 in 2021 and 2023, respectively. These two models of RO water filters did excellent numbers and made the G3 series Waterdrop’s flagship product line.
Check out media report the G3 series:
It is 2023, and Waterdrop is not relenting. The brand has several new products lined up for launch. For instance, the K19-H was introduced as the brand’s first instant hot countertop RO system in March. It is the upgraded version of the Waterdrop K19. The K19-H is a reverse osmosis system with heating capabilities. It can dispense hot filtered water instantly without the accumulation of limescale. It runs on a 3-in-1 filter and a UV light, which combines to effectively reduce most impurities in water, including heavy metals, chloride, nitrate, arsenic, fluoride, PFAS, TDS, and chromium.

More on the WQA Convention and Exposition

The WQA Convention and Exposition is a project of the Water Quality Association (WQA), a not-for-profit association of the residential, industrial, and commercial water treatment industry. There are over 2,500 companies registered as members of the WQA worldwide, including manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, and distributors of products and services within the water improvement industry.
Asides from being the industry headline event for the past four decades, the WQA Convention and Exposition allow manufacturers, consultants, and dealers to meet and discuss trends and innovations in the industry. In addition, participants leverage the gathering to network, educate, and explore research interests.
waterdrop k19 countertop ro water dispenser
Every year, the event holds a different American city. The participating brands get to put their work out to a larger audience, while industry experts enhance their credentials and experience by attending the WQA Convention and Exposition.

The Household Water Safety System You Can Trust

There are about 90 contaminants on the list of water contaminants regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA demands that the water systems use suitable technologies to maintain the set legal limits for these contaminants. According to the regulatory agency, exceeding these limits can be harmful to human health.
Waterdrop is one of the industry's most prominent manufacturers of water purification solutions, rolling out a wide range of products such as under sink reverse osmosis systems, countertop water dispensers, outdoor filters, and filter accessories. In line with its mission, the brand has touched the lives of millions of people worldwide by bringing them closer to cleaner water and a better life.
Here is what people are saying about the Waterdrop brand and its products.
At Waterdrop, the needs of the customers come before anything else. Therefore, our water purification solutions are specially made with the end users in mind. We want to ensure every family can access safe and healthy water that improves their quality of life.
Waterdrop boasts a famous list of tankless reverse osmosis water filter systems, including the Waterdrop G3, which is efficient and cost-effective, making it an instant favorite among most homeowners.
The Waterdrop G3 has been tested and certified against NSF/ANSI 58 for TDS reduction and NSF/ANSI 372 certified for lead-free material. It runs on a 0.0001-micron membrane that efficiently filters out most of the impurities in tap water, including organics, bacteria, pyrogens, and the like.
With more and more under sink RO water filters flooding the market, Waterdrop stands out by prioritizing customers’ needs and pain points and consistently improving the product range based on users’ feedback. With additional models in the pipeline, Waterdrop is on course to expand its market share and set the industry benchmark.
Waterdrop recognizes and appreciates the trust and support of its customers. Now, more than ever, we are dedicated to creating a perfect shopping experience and engaging brand activities for prospective and existing customers. We also hope to have more water purification users and enthusiasts join the family.

To Round Up…

As a brand, we remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting the water health of all and sundry across the globe. As a result, you can expect more full-service, smart water purification systems that meet your needs from our stables.