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Everything You Need to Know about Ozone Air Purifiers

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated November 22, 2021
As one of the most common methods of quickly removing airborne contaminants, an ozone generator efficiently removes unpleasant odors from cars, homes, places of business, and more. If you are struggling with the removal of strong odors or mold, the history of an ozone air purifier, as well as its proper use, may prove beneficial. Let’s take a look at what an ozone is, why it’s effective, and how it may also be harmful.

What Is Ozone?

You aren't signing up for your next chem class here, but a few scientific facts are crucial to a brief understanding of ozone. To put it plainly, ozone is made entirely of oxygen molecules – the very kind we breathe. However, the type of molecule we breathe isn't a single oxygen molecule, but two oxygen molecules.
Ozone is known as trioxygen throughout the science community, comprised of three oxygen molecules. The problem with these composition remains with one rather unstable molecule, the third oxygen which loosely connects with the other molecules. Ozone’s molecular makeup means it easily attaches to pollutants, such as smoke, and other high-odor pollution. Bacteria, organic matter, mold spores, and viruses are just a few other pollutants the ozone molecule can attach itself to. The unique makeup of ozone makes it a quick method to deodorize your home, as it quickly attaches to disgusting particles suspended in the air.

What Is Ozone Generators

Ozone generators are well-known forms of air purification. These machines can break oxygen molecules apart into two atoms. At this point, three atoms combine into a single molecule referred to as ozone. This highly reactive molecule changes surrounding molecules into another chemical composition by imparting one of its own oxygen atoms. However, not every particle suspended in the air is affected by ozone.
While ozone reacts with certain kinds of pollutants, it is incapable of removing dander and dust. In fact, some of the reactions ozone has with gases in the air create byproducts that are both harmful and irritating. When that takes place, the ozone being released can actually harm everything within the same room, rather than benefit, including materials, pets, and even plants.

The Benefits of An Ozone Generator

  • Remove Odors
    Ozone generators have become quite popular due to the fact that it is efficient at removing or reducing air pollutants. If you have a difficult smell in your home or office, an ozone generator is a great choice for reducing unpleasant odors. Landlords find them extremely helpful when their tenants have smoked or kept pets within apartments. Hotel rooms would especially benefit from ozone treatments, to attack cigarette smoke and other lingering smells. In the situation where all other treatments, cleaning solutions, and air fresheners have failed, ozone concentrations serve a particular purpose in “shocking” living spaces.
  • Kill Mold & Mildew
    Mold and mildew can present quite the challenge in terms of removal. While it may be difficult, it is quite necessary for the retaining of health, as airborne mold spores prevent various threats to human health. When residents live in a moldy environment, or one filled with mildew, it can harm their respiratory system, especially the lungs. Removing the source is a top priority, and must be done with care. Unfortunately, mold infestations require much more work compared to mildew, such as the removal of carpet, ceilings, sheet rock, and more.
  • Removing Bacteria
    Bacteria, viruses, germs, and other disease-causing substances are lurking around the corners and crevices of nearly every home. Your bathroom and kitchen sink are prime congregation zones, as well as toilets, TV remotes, and more. Items you wouldn’t suspect are most likely the hot zone for harboring bacteria and germs alike. An ozone generator has been proven to easily remove harmful substances that pose a threat to your overall health.

Inner Workings of Ozone Generators

Have you ever found yourself wondering how an ozone generator works? A generator such as this is capable of reducing bacteria, by first destroying the cell membrane in order to break down the overall composition. This results in inhibited growth and metabolic disorders, as ozone continues penetrating membrane lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides to further change cell permeability. Cell lysis and death are the ultimate result of the process.

Ozone Generators VS Standard Air Purifiers


Ozone generators are not dependent upon other elements, such as coal, in order to neutralize or destroy odor causing pollutants. Most air purifiers require additional auxiliary materials in order to perform their job, which lowers overall efficiency and raises cost over time. Furthermore, ozone is capable of destroying mildew and mold, while air purifiers cannot attack the source.
However, the activated carbon adsorption capacity is not ideal, and only can adsorb single gas. If the adsorption gas and activated carbon aperture is not appropriate, there may be desorption phenomenon. In addition, the 200L refrigerator need three bogs of activated carbon to perform well, greatly reducing the space utilization rate of the refrigerator.


Ozone rapidly decomposes into oxygen is a unique action of ozone, and why it is efficient at cleaning the air of various toxins. In fact, ozone is only produced in the air by the use of oxygen – when it begins its disinfection process. As a result, homeowners are left with no residue or secondary pollution of any kind. Most other disinfectant methods require the use of harsh chemicals and various compounds that leave a lasting effect on surfaces, animals, plants, and more.
Compared with charcoal air purifying bags and baking soda air purifier, ozone generators can adsorb bacteria in air and extend the food freshness.


Pharmaceutical industries, medical facilities, and other health units all utilize ozone generator methods due to their efficiency and overall low cost. Compared to other methods, as well as maintenance factors and replacements, ozone generators are the most cost effective over the life of the unit. This helps sensitive areas avoid secondary pollution commonly associated with chemically laden disinfectants, in order to promote an environment of healing.

Ozone Application

Indoor Air Purification

Because ozone is capable of killing the viruses and bacteria suspended in the air, as well as dust reduction, it leaves a fresh and natural atmosphere. As a result, you may feel more refreshed and less fatigued, preventing your body from struggling to utilize the air within your home.

Preserving Fruits & Vegetables

Do you struggle with fungus growing on your fruits and vegetables? An ozone purifier acts as a high-quality vegetable fungicide, by oxidizing pesticides and other matter on the surface of your produce. Not only does this protect your health, it lowers pesticide residue, and prolongs the shelf life of fresh fruit and veg.