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Important Health Tip For A Pregnant Woman

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated July 21, 2021
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Pregnancy can be extremely difficult on a woman's body, especially in terms of hormonal fluctuations. In order to prevent premature labor, or rare birth defects, professionals advise the exclusion of certain foods to avoid irreversible consequences. Most women often begin taking prenatal vitamins, consume leafy greens, and high quality protein, in order to meet the requirements of a growing fetus. Aside from food alone, is there another way expectant mothers may protect their health for a safe and happy outcome?

Enjoying a Healthy Pregnancy

Food & Drink

Have you ever heard the term, you are what you eat? An adequate intake of nutrients can mean the difference between a healthy, trouble-free pregnancy, and one fraught with high risk difficulties, and more. Diet alone is considered to be the single most important aspect in completing a healthy pregnancy, with a positive outcome. Be mindful to consume a diet full of variety, with high amounts of protein and water. During pregnancy, your body will demand more water than ever before, if only to avoid heat intolerance such as exhaustion and heat stroke. Mothers can easily avoid excess tiredness, and constipation by increasing their water intake.

Pay Attention to Food and Drink Hygiene

Food Quality

Aside from consuming the proper amount of nutrients through food, the overall quality of food sources is important, as well. Though many people argue that an organic label is of no consequences, studies show numerous benefits. Much like filtered water, organic or non-gmo food is free of pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, and more.

Water Quality

Tap water is full of contaminants, chemicals, bacteria, and viruses. Bottled water, by comparison, has the potential of leeching chemicals through to contents via plastic and production/transportation. Filtered water, or even RO water, removes contaminants from tap water, easing the burden on the liver – an especially beneficial organ during pregnancy.

Emotional Support System

An arsenal of support from family and friends is a crucial aspect to maintain as your body transforms physically and mentally. Hormones are hard at work nourishing and growing a new life, which often leads to emotional instability. It's for this reason alone that receiving the support of close loved ones is simply irreplaceable. Did you know a hug from a friendly face has the ability to lower stress and blood pressure within 30 seconds? For 59 women, a study proved that by regularly hugging their partners, they experienced a lower resting heart rate than ever before.

What Drink is Best During Pregnancy?

Before You Reach for Bottled Water

Over one million bottles of water are purchased every minute across the globe. Statistically, that means you are more likely to reach for bottled water over tap, or even filtered water. Before you instinctively utilize a seemingly “convenient” water source, you should consider a few of the following details. Additionally, tap water may have a few dangerous contaminants lurking beneath the surface – let's take a look.

Bottled Water

Advertised as a gentle flowing stream, bottled water utilizes very different water sources than observed in their marketing schemes. In fact, the water used in most bottled water originates from municipal water sources, the same as tap. In rare cases, recycled wastewater is treated and reused. Without further insight into the treatment practices of beverage companies, can you really blindly trust a large corporation?
PIC: bottled water

Tap Water

Over 22 carcinogens were discovered by the Environmental Working Group, or EWG, in a variety of tap water sources. These included: arsenic, radium, uranium, disinfectants, lead, and more. Although tap water goes through various stages of treatment, further action may be taken to further purify tap for a higher quality source of water for your family.
PIC: lead faucet

Choosing Purified Water

When questionable bottled water, and risky tap water are not good enough for your family, you can always turn to methods of water purification, instead. This way, consumers are in control of the removal of various contaminants, depending on the type of purification system, pre-filters, and subsequent stages of filtration. Take your health back, with purified water you can feel confident drinking.

Ensure the Highest Quality Drinking Water While Pregnant

Some individuals may turn to boiling water in order to ensure bacteria and viruses are properly removed from drinking water. Unfortunately, this is a questionable form of water purification. The fact of the matter is, water must be boiled for a 3 full minutes before effective sterilization has been completed. While this kills lifeforms, it does not remove nitrates, arsenic, and lead, just to name a few. This is because heavy metals, dissolved solids will not easily evaporate out of water from boiling.
A water filter, by contrast, can provide the highest confidence in the removal of up to 99% of all contaminants. A Reverse osmosis water filtration system, such as the Waterdrop D4, utilizes innovative technology paired with smart design, in order to provide a 5-in-1 composite filter. This way, homeowners can save on space, while also achieving optimal filtration. The Waterdrop D4 provides a tankless design, in order to save space, and avoid the colonization of bacteria – which commonly grows in tank style systems.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy is a special time, one commonly known to leave women vulnerable to a variety of health concerns. Ensure the best possible outcome, by investing in high quality food, and optimal drinking water conditions, and you will be on your way to preventing a negative outcome.