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Waterdrop Best Selling RO Systems Review

by Dr. Jonathan Doyle - Updated March 05, 2021
Waterdrop is one of the leading brands within the water filtration industry. With its revolutionary tankless design, the brand gains its fame for the reverse osmosis collection. The RO systems from Waterdrop look nothing like the traditional RO systems. They are solid, sleek, and stylish.
Each of the systems varies in shape, water output speed, drain ratio, and many other features. This article will dive deep into the popular RO systems from Waterdrop, and provide you with a buying guide to help you choose a RO system for your home.

Waterdrop G3 RO system

The G3 model is the first reverse osmosis system that Waterdrop released in 2019. It is also the system that priced the highest.
Unlike the bulky traditional RO system, this new up and comer stuns the industry with its revolutionary design, which saves much under sink space and brings more room for storage. The system also won the 2019 Reddot Design Award, enough to show the great aesthetic value.
In terms of filtration performance, certified by NSF58 and NSF 372, the G3 system adopts the premium DOW RO membrane with a TDS removal rate of 94%. With a pore size of 0.0001 microns, the RO membrane is only big enough to allow the passage of water molecules while blocking other foreign components like pyrogens, bacteria, organics, and other water contaminants.
Waterdrop G3 reverse osmosis system standing on a table counter with a list of rewards and certificates on the left
It’s worth to mention that the DOW RO membrane is by far the best RO membrane on the market. The DOW membrane is famous for its exceptional filtration ability and superior quality. Besides the make of the RO membrane, you may also like to check the certifications.
A check for official NSF product certifications that pertain to water filtration standards, in which companies voluntarily submit product samples for NSF testing and verification. The NSF 58 certification is the core standard of the industry for RO systems.
Unlike the traditional systems where the filtered water is stored in a water tank, the tankless design system means water coming out of the faucet is always clean and fresh without the risks of getting secondary pollution within the tank.
Comparison between the Waterdrop tankless RO system and the traditional RO system with a water tank
The tankless design does not sacrifice the water flow. The system provides a fast water flow of 400 gallons per day, which is far more than a large household normally needs. You can fill a cup of water in about 10 seconds.
Another great label about the G3 model is “high-tech.” The system is smart in many ways. First of all, the front panel.
There are three filter life indicators that will appear in different colors based on the filter service life conditions. The blue light means the filter is functioning well. The yellow light means the filter needs to be replaced soon and you have about 15 days to replace it. The red light means you have to replace the filter now.
Below the filter life indicators is a TDS reading display where you can learn about the TDS in water that flows out of the system. The sensor inside functions like a TDS tester and would reflect the reading in real-time.
Picture showing the TDS reading feature on the system front panel
The system can flush automatically for the following circumstances:
  • Accumulative working time over 2 hours
  • Flush for No Working within 24 hours (Holiday Mode)
  • Flush for power restore
The self-protection will turn on when:
  • E01: Water shortage
  • E02: Inside water leakage
The G3 model also has a dedicated smart faucet with an LED ring to allow you to check the water filter status without looking at the system. The LED ring color would also change just like the filter life indicators on the panel.
Picture showing a faucet with the color changing LED loop
The easy installation is another great feature that shows how Waterdrop RO systems different from other brands. Designed for easy DIY, the G3 model has three integrated filters that can be installed and replaced within 3 seconds.
If you’re looking for a smart RO system with a tankless design the Waterdrop G3 is an ideal option featuring a strong filtering performance, simple installation, quick water filtering rate, lower water waste, smart leakage detection, and faucet featuring smart technology.

The Waterdrop G2 series

The Waterdrop G2 series has three types of RO system at the moment: G2, G2MNR, and G2P600. The following section will explain the similarities and differences among these systems. Let’s start with the G2 model first!

Waterdrop G2 RO system

Come with two color options, the Waterdrop G2 is an economical option compared with the G3 model. The system is super compact and can save 70% less under sink space than traditional RO systems. The integrated waterway and composite filter design not only reduce the risks of water leakage but also simplify the installation process.
Picture comparing two RO systems and showing the tankless one on the left is compact and space-saving
The smaller G2 series has two composite filters that only need to be replaced every year (CF filter) or two years (MRO filter). The reduced replacement frequency and cost would save you much effort from a maintenance perspective.
In terms of filtration performance, the G2 model can remove 1000+ contaminants as well as the total dissolved solids (TDS) in water. It also has the filter life indicators on the front panel but not the TDS reading and auto-flushing. The dedicated faucet for the G2 series made of food-grade stainless steel with a brushed nickel plating.
The indicating system on a system front panel
If you have limited under sink space and want a smart RO system that covers the basic filtration needs, then Waterdrop G2 would be the budget-friendly option.

Waterdrop G2 MNR

Many people choose RO systems to improve the water taste by reducing the TDS in water. The high level of dissolved solids like calcium and magnesium normally lead to a “hard” taste. Yet, certain amounts of these minerals are also considered beneficial to human bodies.
The G2 MNR offers an external remineralize filter that adds natural minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc back to the filtered water. Here are some benefits of mineral water:
  • Enhancing bones: Improves bone health and helps prevent diseases such as reducing post-menopausal bone density.
  • Lowering bad cholesterol: Lowers harmful cholesterol with magnesium and potassium content.
  • Promoting digestion: Helps digestion by increasing the amylase secretion from the pancreas with its sulfate content.
  • Nourishing skin: Rich mineral content moisturizes the skin and delays wrinkles.
The name of minerals inside a filter with filter service life suggested on the top
Since it is an external filter and can be purchased separately, the MNR water filter is applicable to all Waterdrop RO systems. Therefore, if you have other Waterdrop RO system installed already, simply purchase this external filter and turn your system into a remineralization RO system.
Picture showing the installation layout of the remineralize RO system 
If you’re looking for a compact RO system with a remineralization feature, then the G2 MNR would fit the best for you.

Waterdrop G2 P600 RO system

Besides the shared features with other models from the G2 series, the main difference of G2 P600 is the faster water flow of 600 gallons per day (GPD). The faster water flow is 12x faster than traditional reverse osmosis systems, in which you only need about 8 seconds to fill a cup of water.
A human hand holding a glass cup to fill water with an estimated time of the water flow marked
Another impressive feature of G2 P600 is the low drain water ratio of 2:1. Many people are concerned about the water waste issue of a RO system. The traditional RO systems can produce three to five gallons of waste water for one gallon of filtered water. The G2 P600 system uses an updated filtration technology, for two gallons of filtered water, the system only produces one gallon of waste water.
Two cups of clean water versus one cup of dirty water
The system is considered as one of the most efficient RO systems from Waterdrop. If you are not interested in the extras and would like a faster water output with less waste, the G2 P600 is

The D series

Waterdrop released the D series in 2020 featured by the unique one filter design. The D6 system is the only system that has come live so far, let’s take a look at it.

Waterdrop D6 RO system

Waterdrop D6 RO water filter system adopts a 5-in-1 composite reverse osmosis filter with the DOW reverse osmosis membrane. This powerful filter is capable of reducing most harmful contaminants from water, including TDS, lead, chlorine, salt, nitrates, PFAS, lead, sodium, chromium, benzene, etc.
the cutaway of the filter showing the components
The single filter design suggests less maintenance time and cost, it also means a compact size that saves 70% of your under-sink space compared to traditional systems.
One highlight of the D6 system is the low noise design where you can barely hear anything after closing the under sink cabinet door. The sound is quieter than a running laptop.
The system is upgraded to have a flow rate of 600 GPD and a drain ratio of 1.5:1. The improved drain ratio means that dispensing 1.5 cups of pure water produces only 1 cup of wastewater, saving 450% of water compared to a conventional water filtration system for home.
The 1.5:1 clean water versus wastewater ratio with water flowing out of the faucet on the right
The D6 system comes with a smart and stylish faucet that has a high-end screen. The screen indicates the real-time TDS level and filter life status. The waterproof design ensures no electrical leakage.
Similar to G3, the D6 also has the automatic flushing and self-protection feature. The automatic flushing ensures the system always operates in a clean condition. The self-protection system will notify you on time when a leakage happened to avoid further risks and losses.
The Waterdrop D6 system is really an upgraded system that brings clean water efficiently and effortlessly. If you want a system that requires the minimum maintenance effort but also some extra cool features, then the Waterdrop D6 would not let you down.

Countertop RO systems

The RO systems that we’ve talked about are all under sink systems that require under sink electricity. Many consumers have a shared under sink electricity circuit that the system cannot run when the food processor is turned off. To solve the problem, Waterdrop prepared the countertop RO systems.

Waterdrop M5 Countertop RO system

The Waterdrop M5 system is Waterdrop’s first countertop RO system and also by far the only Waterdrop RO system that requires no electricity, which also makes the system the quietest in terms of the water filtration process.
The system adopts the innovative 5-in-1 single filter design with the DOW RO membrane, removing most of the harmful elements, including heavy metals, and chemical residues in tap water. Waterdrop M5 countertop RO system provides stable filtration performance with one year-long service life and up to 550 gallons of water.
With the “no built-in tank” mindset, this M5 RO water filtration system comes with a portable pitcher to store the filtered water. The 80 oz large capacity water pitcher is made of Tritan plastic, which is an ultra-safe plastic commonly used for baby products.
The pitcher is easy to carry around and most importantly, it can be placed in the refrigerator to access cool tasty water. The pitcher can be purchased separately to meet the water needs of a large family. When you have one pitcher placed in the fridge, the backup pitcher would continue to store the filtered water.
The water pitcher filled with water and being placed inside the refrigerator
Please note that, though there’s no electricity required for the M5 RO system, the working mechanism behind is as same as that of other RO systems, in which the system needs to be connected with your water pipe for both feedwater inlet and the waste water outlet.
the installation layout showing the process
If you have trouble with the under sink electricity supply, then the Waterdrop M5 RO system would be a certain solution for safe and steady drinking water.


I hope this article would provide you with a better knowledge for choosing a RO systems from Waterdrop. You can utilize it as a complete buying guide to choose the RO system that fits your water needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through email: service@waterdropfilter.co.uk or by phone at 888-352-3558.
Choose Waterdrop and enjoy clean, safe and healthy drinking water from the first sip to the last drop.